I’m application security & software development enthusiast. I have been providing software consultancy to small and medium-sized companies for a few years. Generally, I work on the backend technologies. The technologies i use are usually PHP -laravel, symfony-, Python -Django, Flask- and Java -Spring, Hibernate etc-. Also, I work as a translator and writer at Arka Kapı Magazine.


  • B.S. in Computer Engineer, Dokuz Eylül University, 2016 - 2021


  • INVICTUS Cyber Security and Intelligence INC.
    • Cyber Security Consultant (2020, September)
  • Fenrir SoftTech
    • Freelance Full Stack Developer & Owner, İzmir/Turkey (2016, 2020 August)
  • Celal Bayar University - IT Department
    • Technical Person, Manisa/Turkey (2015 - 2016)




  • BSD Systems for Beginners, Dokuz Eylül University (2019)
  • Java Programming with Swing Library, Celal Bayar University (2017)
    • OOP programming & Design Pattern applications with Java and Swing library -4 weeks-


Email: nuriilengir[at]protonmail.com

Twitter: @der3ctus, Keybase: @derectus, Github: @derectus, Linkedin: @cilengirnuri , Reddit: @erectustd